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The Economist最新号が出ました(2020年7月18日号)


Covid deaths v cases
America is in the midst of an extraordinary surge of covid-19



On the same weekend that Florida smashed the single-day state record for cases of covid-19—reporting over 15,000 in one day—Disney World, the gargantuan theme park in Orlando, opened its doors to masked revellers.



グラフから読み取れるように、感染者数の急増に対して死亡者数は横ばいなのが唯一の救いなのですが、The Economistはその要因として4つを挙げています:

First, the substantial increase in testing means that more cases will be detected. Second, evidence suggests that younger adults are behind the latest surge in the virus. In Florida the median age of covid-19 patients has dropped from 65 to near 40. Third, there is usually a lag of several weeks between a patient contracting the illness and when the patient’s death is reported to state authorities. Fourth, doctors seem to have become better at treating severe cases of covid-19, reducing the death rate even for those who must be hospitalised.







若年層が感染拡大の中心であるのは日本も同じです。しかし、このような感染の急拡大を受けて、現在の死亡者数の横ばいは長くは続かないだろうとThe Economistは分析しています。

Given the rise in cases, however, it seems unlikely that the death rate will remain stagnant for much longer.





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